A Jar Of Pebbles by Krishna Mohan Tata. Book Review.

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I’d like to mention that I received an ARC copy of this book through TheBookscencestours. A Jar of Pebbles is a book written by new Author Krishna Mohan Tata and his writing is well versed. 

What’s this book about?

A Jar of Pebbles is a collection of the author Krishna Mohan Tata’s stories and life experiences. My initial reaction to this book was how much it reminded me of my childhood favorite, Malgudi Days, and how much I enjoyed the style. There are a variety of stories and events from the author’s personal life at various phases. These are real-life stories based on ordinary people’s experiences. Some of the stories had a humorous aspect to them that made me laugh and smile on a regular basis.

The chapters are brief and to the point, which I quite appreciated. Once you start reading the book, you will be eager to continue reading it. From playing with your gang as a kid to traffic problems and a fondness of golgappas, the anecdotes were all too relatable. We have the opportunity to observe significant events. Author Krishna Mohan Tata does an amazing job of painting a vivid image for the readers, such as the epic release day of Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Shahenshah ‘and the 1983 Cricket World Cup. These are some of the major events that we only ever heard about.

My Take.

This book takes you on a nostalgic journey. The author uses his experiences to create such a lovely and informative story. One of my favorite thing about this book are the titles of the chapters, they’re amazing. The writing is lovely, it flows smoothly and it’s easy and pleasant to read. The theme of  finding happiness in the common day to day life makes you reminisce. This book is for all age groups, as this book is a feel good read. I definitely recommend this book.


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