Chasing Serenity By Kristen Ashley Book Review.

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I am a huge Kristen Ashley fan and I’ve read all of her books. This book can be read as a standalone but it is a book 2 in River Rain series.

The Story & Characters

Chasing Serenity is a story about grief, family, and relationships, as well as multi-layered secrets and lies, acceptance and understanding. Kristen Ashley gradually reveals the family histories of both Chloe and Judge, allowing us to see a pattern that has affected everyone in the long term. The book explored the impact of death, divorce, and suicide. Chasing Serenity is rife with conflict, misplaced pain and grief, sibling rivalry, internal struggles and love.

Chloe Pierce is strong independent and rock in her famous family. She’s used to being there for everyone; but when tragedy strikes and her foundation begins to crumble until she meets Judge Oakley. But things aren’t going well in his life, as his past is about to destroy what little self-control he has left. By blood, birth, divorce, and remarriage, we are reintroduced to Chloe’s large immediate and extended families, as well as Judge’s best friend Rix and Judge’s emotional, disturbing, and bitter relationship with his mother, father, and paternal grandfather.

My Thoughts

Chasing Serenity is a complex, heartbreaking story with a large ensemble of secondary characters is essential to the overall development of the introductory plotline. This book was emotional at times and frustrating too. There are couple of triggers in this book so be mind full of that. I enjoyed the book for most part but as a avid fan of Kristen Ashley it wasn’t my favorite. The romance of the central couple seemed rushed and not evolved. And the whole justification towards Corey didn’t seemed right to me. But, having said that, I am waiting to read for the next book.


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