House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland. Book Review

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Krystal Sutherland’s book has been on my tbr (to be read) for awhile now and I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a story like I did with this one.


This is a story about Hallow sisters Grey, Vivi and Iris; Where Grey is the eldest with Vivi the middle sister and Iris the narrator of the story being the youngest sister. From the very first sentence Sutherland fascinates us with the mysteries around the Hollow sister. The sisters were kidnapped as children only to be returned under suspicious circumstances after 1 month of the incidence.

The plot thickens when Grey goes missing after ten years. Iris and Vivi faces mysterious and unexplainable things while searching for their eldest sister. They soon realise that their elder sister been keeping secrets all their life and what happened to them as kids is happening again. The search for Grey’s took them to places they had never imagined and to mysteries they had never heard of.

The Characters

Every character from this book has a purpose and all are equally unique and fascinating. These characters has a Chilly, unnerving, and gut-wrenching trait to them that keeps the reader on their toes till the end. The Hollow sisters has mystical darkness to them that makes people enamored. Then there’s Cate their mother who seems obsessed with Iris but hates Grey her elder daughter. Tyler is the Super model boy friend of Grey who is so complex that I quickly came to adore him.

My Take

I was never into paranormal dark thrillers before but for this Halloween season I wanted to try different genres and boy I m so glad that did. House of hallow had so much to offer and you are never bored while reading. I finished reading this book in one day it was that amazing. Krystal Sutherland deserves credit for making the character’s diverse. Every character had a unique backstory and set of challenges. In addition, the writing style was raw, horrific and dark.

It’s incredible how the plotline progresses from mystical to weird to beautiful. The story moved at a fast pace, which I appreciated. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys horror, mystery, fantasy, and suspense. There was a small hint at the end that there could be a sequel and I cant wait for it.


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