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This book has been on my TBR pile for quite some time. It’s such a shame I waited this long to read it. The Cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous!

About the book

Shiori is Kiata’s princess, However Magic is forbidden in her father’s realm, but it runs through her veins. Raikama makes a fantastic villain as a wicked stepmother. The plot reminded me of a fairytale, and this book has all of the elements of one. This novel includes a lot of action and adventure, which I really enjoyed. In addition there was suspense, romance, battle and dragons! in this story. It was epic and had just about everything. I enjoy a book that I can thoroughly transport myself in and feel as if I’m along for the ride. I think these fairytale retellings are my new favorite genre.

The characters

Shiori was unquestionably the female character I preferred. She is a strong-willed, but pampered, princess. I adored Shiori and her determination not to let things like her curse or the destitution she found herself in prevent her from doing what she needed to do and find a way to free her brothers. She’s quite intelligent, which she displayed through her decisions and her path. My favorite aspect of this book is her relationship with her brothers because you can see how her personality clashes with each of them yet loving them, which is very realistic if you have brothers you’ll know.

Seryu, the dragon, who was arrogant but had a soft side, was one of my favourite characters. Finally there’s Takkan, the prince and the love interest, was exactly what this story needed; He is a warrior, with the ability to paint, sing songs, and recite poetry.

My Thoughts

If you want to read a story with a light romance focus, I highly recommend Six Crimson cranes by Elizabeth Lim. The magic in this book is what truly stands out and creates this lovely fantasy for you to get lost in. The world-building in this book was good. The only negative I felt was with the story’s pace, but these were more noticeable near the end. It could just be me, but there seemed to be a rush at the end to wrap everything up, so much of it was lost. But
despite the fact that I was in a hurry to get to the end, I was pleasantly surprised by how things turned out.

I cannot wait for the sequel of this book. This book is highly recommended for fans of fairy tale retellings.


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