To kill a kingdom by Alexandra Christo Book Review.

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The title and cover piqued my interest, and the glowing reviews on Bookstagram and Goodreads. Having never read anything by Alexandra Christo before, and this novel blew me away. So without further ado lets get to the review of this great book.

What’s this book about?

Mermaids. Sirens. Pirates doesn’t this already Make you intrigued about this book? To Kill a kingdom is a standalone can you believe it and I never picked up a book fast enough. The book is a fantastic retelling of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid, and it’s the one we’ve been waiting for. To kill a kingdom is a magnificent, wonderfully well-written, and exciting novel including pirates, mermaids, sirens, ships, kingdoms, and a wide cast of people with whom you’ll fall in love right away.

The book is dual narrated by Elian and Lira, who are the primary characters. So Lira is a siren/Princess and Elian is a prince. He’s on the hunt for her, and she’s on the hunt for him, which is clearly the recipe for a beautiful fairy-tale. At its finest, the enemies-to-lovers trope! In other words the story isn’t rushed or clunky, and it focuses on the growth of the characters and building a fantastic fantasy world.

The Characterization and World building.

I have to admire Alexandra Christo for putting together such a fantastic characters.
The characters have been well-developed and drawn out. Each of the characters has so much backstory that I’d read separate books for each of them. The Protagonist Lira and Elian are so alike, both royalty, sassy and savage. The slow-burn romance in this book was enjoyable, with each of the characters and their decisions appearing believable, and it was interesting guessing what they would do next.

The world building and the seamlessness with which it was built and presented astounded me. To be honest, the visuals of this book were incredible. On board their ship, the Saad, we embark on an unbelievable journey with Elian and Lira. And it isn’t boring for a second. And we travel to so many different areas around this fantasy world with Mountains, kingdoms, and magical creatures! Above all we skipped the tiresome info dumps and created a dynamic, diversified environment in which you could get lost.

My Thoughts

The relevance of the theme that Your family is made up of people who choose to love, support, and protect you unconditionally is amazing. I adored all of the secondary characters, including Madrid, Kye, Torik, and Kahlia. And this book eloquently illustrates the importance of deciding who is deserving of your time and affection. However the plot was really bloody, but not graphic, and the villain was a super terrifying sea creature. And I enjoyed how it was on the darker side, with high stakes.

To Kill A Kingdom is a voyage that is always exciting and fast-paced which is a terrific combination. So along the journey, there are loads of sass and spice. A five out of five read!


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