We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal. Book Review!

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I wanted to take my time with this book. I’d heard good things about Hafsah Faizal’s novel, so I knew I’d have to dedicate more time to it. I’ve also been in a reading slump and wanted to read something that didn’t need me to write a book review right away.

The story and its epic settings

Zafira is a young huntress who enters this dreadful woodland in search of sustenance for her village. She travels alone since most people who enter the forest gets sick, and for some reason, she’s the only one who can go in and out of it without getting hurt. Nasir, the king’s son; Because he is the king’s assassin, he is given the title, the Prince of Death. He does what he is ordered by the king, yet he manages to show modest acts of kindness to his people.

This is a novel that brings these two polar opposite saviors of their people and enemies to each other together; on a country that is burning hot yet suffers the coldness of a wicked curse. Years of political scheming have served as a torch to start a rebellion, and a curse is slowly seeping an into the realm. The novel is set in ancient Arabia, and the world-building is seamless, and the exquisite writing infuses the plot with culture and language. An intense relationship blooms in midst of chaos. The equally strong depiction of how parents, expectations, and obligations can pummel someone is on point.

My Thoughts

I thought a couple sequences, such as those spent simply traversing the desert, were a touch unnecessary. I also thought it was strange that Zafira simply sensed the magic. Seeing her path towards the magic felt disjointed rather than smooth. There were some unanswered questions and mysteries left, but I believe they will be resolved in book two.

If you’re looking for a world in search of lost magic, subtle twists, lurking demons, and beautiful language that perfectly encompass everything! As you progress through the book, more and more revelations are made. The closer you approach to the end more the story gets interesting. And it only gets better as it unfolds. The enemies to lover trope doesn’t fail either, I absolutely adore Zafira and Nasir.


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